Your cleaning company in Mallorca


“Shine” is the word that defines us.

And which inspires us. Because making your space, home or business shine is what motivates Limpiezas Mallorca.

By seeking this shine, order and efficiency in every space entrusted to us by our customers, we have also found our own. Thanks to this and the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and director Toni Cabrer, LIMPIEZAS MALLORCA has developed its projects and services over the years in order to become the company shown here today. Now with a revitalised image but the same essence as always, we are happy to have reached a privileged position as a cleaning company in Mallorca.


Our equipment

Expert hands with inquisitive and resolute minds. Our human team is certainly well equipped.

Professionals who are experienced and specialised in the different services we offer, and who are never beaten by timing, heights, the aftermath of a building project, disinfecting or dirt. A team that can react quickly to any urgent cleaning project, and whose efficiency is always complemented by technical resources, precise and quality machinery, and specific cleaning products that are designed for each space.

We can reach every nook and cranny

Of your home, your business and the whole island.

We have a large fleet of vehicles that allows us to quickly provide our cleaning and maintenance services anywhere. From the eastern coast of Mallorca, we can travel anywhere on the island to provide cleaning and maintenance services in private homes, businesses, hotels, holiday homes, offices and housing communities.


Trust in our cleaning services!

We are always here to offer advice and resolve any queries related to cleaning.







We are proud to be your cleaning company in Mallorca. We have improved and grown thanks to those of you who have placed your trust in us and used our cleaning services. We are truly grateful for your trust and testimonials. We just have two words to say to you:

Thank you!

What our customers say